Club Rules

“Few written rules are needed amongst a club of ladies and gentlemen” – Bobby Jones

We strive to create a pleasurable experience at The Concession. In order to enhance your experience we have implemented policies we ask everyone respect. Please contact us with any questions.


A round of golf at The Concession Golf Club should not exceed four (4) hours. If there is no one in front of you and someone behind you, please step aside or pick up your pace of play.


Please leave the course in better condition than you found it. Fill divots, fix ball marks, rake bunkers and keep carts 30 feet from putting surfaces.


Smoking is limited to the golf course, parking areas, and exterior locker room veranda areas.


Cell phone usage is limited to parking areas, locker rooms, and exterior locker room veranda areas.


Appropriate attire is required* (see below).  No hats may be worn in the Clubhouse, with the exception of the golf shop and locker rooms.  No shorts in the formal dining areas after 5:00.  Denim and fitness attire are not permitted.

  • MEN: Shirts with collars and sleeves, slacks, or bermuda shorts of mid-thigh length are considered appropriate attire.  Cargo shorts are not permitted.
  • WOMEN: Dresses, skirts, slacks, blouses, and mid-thigh length shorts or skorts are considered appropriate attire.

For more information or questions on rules, please contact The Golf Shop 941-322-1465.